We offer the following Services to Industry
Types of Audits offered are:
Design Verification of New and Used Plant & Equipment (AS1418.1)
Major Assessments (AS2550.1)
Periodic/Annual Inspections (12 Monthly) (AS2550.1)
Frequency Inspections (3 Monthly) (AS2550.1)
Risk & Hazard Identification
Plant or Equipment Specific audits
Some Plant examples are:
Mobile Cranes
Tower Cranes
Drill Rigs
Telescopic Material Handlers
Mobile Elevated Working Platforms
Reach Stackers
Some Equipment examples are:
Lifting Equipment & Devices
Skid Steer and Bulldozer Attachments
Excavator Buckets
Mining Equipment
Agricultural Equipment
Forestry Equipment
Audits are developed to ensure that they are meeting compliance with Occupational Health & Safety and Work Health & Safety Legislation, Codes of Practices, Australian Standards, Manufacturers Requirements and where possible, Plant Owners Requirements and/or Requests.
Areas covered in most audits are:
Mechanical Condition of Item
Structural Condition of Item
Hydraulic Condition of Item
Electrical/Electronic Condition of Item
Noise Level of Item
Safe Operation of Item
Identification of Hazards & Risks related to Item
All audits are completed electronically to save down time of personal, plant and/or equipment, it also helps with reducing hazards and risks involved with the audit and identify any hazards and risks associated with the item being audited.

All audits are CraneSafe Equivalent and fully recognised by Industry & Government departments.

Additional tests where required are for example:
Overload Tests
Winch Break Tests
Slew Ring Tests
LMI Calibration Tests
Mine Spec Requirements
This means that the cost per audit is a fixed price excluding travel with no hidden extras; any additional tests that are required, are first confirmed by the client prior to the audit commencing.

Some audits will take longer than others, especially if there are issues detected, but this does not alter the cost of the audit, it remains the same, if an issue is detected, then we are usually able to have the client take a photo of the issue once addressed and email them to us, this solves a re-visit and any additional costs.

So before you book your next inspection, test or assessment for your plant and equipment;

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